Monday, July 5, 2010

The Lady's Daughter

So I decided to write some of my stories down for you, I hope that's alright? Anyway I wrote this one when I was still in junior high. It was supposed to be for an English paper but I just couldn't stop writing and It turned into a story all its own. I hope you enjoy it.


The leaves fell to the ground enthusiastically as the rivers slowed almost to a stop as winter seeped into the ground in mid November. A shrouded couple crept silently in the shadows as they made their way up to the imposing castle on the hill.

It is the year of Our Lord 1182, and the Lord of the realm had just witnessed his wife give birth to their first born child. A daughter as beautiful as her mother and as strong as her father, she was the singular pleasure of her parents, and as such was denied nothing.

As Lady Julianna D'Moncry was taken from her tired mother's arms and placed in her cradle, none were aware of the fate that would befall her this night as she immediately fell off to sleep in the warmth of her parents love.