Monday, July 5, 2010

The Lady's Daughter

So I decided to write some of my stories down for you, I hope that's alright? Anyway I wrote this one when I was still in junior high. It was supposed to be for an English paper but I just couldn't stop writing and It turned into a story all its own. I hope you enjoy it.


The leaves fell to the ground enthusiastically as the rivers slowed almost to a stop as winter seeped into the ground in mid November. A shrouded couple crept silently in the shadows as they made their way up to the imposing castle on the hill.

It is the year of Our Lord 1182, and the Lord of the realm had just witnessed his wife give birth to their first born child. A daughter as beautiful as her mother and as strong as her father, she was the singular pleasure of her parents, and as such was denied nothing.

As Lady Julianna D'Moncry was taken from her tired mother's arms and placed in her cradle, none were aware of the fate that would befall her this night as she immediately fell off to sleep in the warmth of her parents love.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Today is...?

Hello All,

I know I haven't written in awhile, been kinda busy, what with the Builders for Christ trip coming up and The Rocketeer and I are moving into a new apartment in a couple of months. And of course there's the fact that I haven't been able to think of anything to write about. What are people interested in that I can write about?

I have all sorts of interesting(to me anyway) stories that I can share if anyone is interested? There is one about the Princess and the Pirate, The Scientists Folly, The Assassin's Honor, The Genie in the Bottle, and the list goes on. Let me think a couple of days and I will have a story waiting for you to read, hopefully.

So long and until next time,

The Rocketeer's Wife

Monday, May 10, 2010

What was That?!

The alarm went off as usual telling me it was seven thirty in the morning. Time to get up. Ugh, another Monday morning. As I put on my robe and slippers I heard the telltale signs of my Husband working out in his shed. Inventing some powerful new rocket engine not doubt.

'Wow he's up early', I thought, going downstairs to the kitchen for my breakfast.


What was that?!?! As I ran outside I saw the smoke and flames inside the shed and I feared the worst.

"Joshua!! I yelled, Joshua are you in there!! "

I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned to see my husband standing there whole and hearty with a big grin on his face.

"Goodness Josh I thought I told you NOT to blow up the garage!!!" I stood there shaking thinking the worst and all he could do was stand there grinning like he was a kid in a candy store.

"Sorry, I guess I just gotta a little carried away. But it works, well with a few more adjustments it will work."

"What will work?" I don't know why I keep indulging his fantasies of being a mad rocket scientist. Probably because he IS a mad rocket scientist. The world's leading one if I'm not mistaken.

"My new invention."

"Are you going to enlighten me on what it is?"

"Um... Maybe,... but you want your readers to have something to look forward to tomorrow don't you?"

"Well I guess so..."

"Tomorrow My Dear!"

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Something New

This is the first time I've done something like this before, so I'm unsure of how to go from here. Do I talk about my life as it happens, or do I tell stories that interest me, or share funny anecdotes from friends. Whatever I decide I hope there is at least one person out there who will find it interesting. Or at least mildly entertaining.

My husband has been in the military for six years now and was not planning on re-enlisting when his eight year mark came up, but when he heard the news that he had orders to Italy, he promptly re-evaluated his options. We ship out in August and we will be there for four years! I will try to keep everyone updated on our life and share lots and lots of pictures with everyone back home.

But today I'll leave it here and maybe I'll have better luck with a better something to say tomorrow. Ta ta for now.

The Rocketeer's Wife

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Romance

In the Spring of 2002 I was working at a local grocery store as a cashier. Also in the evenings I took night classes for culinary Arts so I could become a chef in my own restaurant. We still argue over it years past as to where we saw each other first, but I guess that matters little. He was working in the seafood department of the same store and taking classes of his own in Computer Science.

Being the shy type it took him weeks to even say hello to me. It wasn't until he moved up front with me to being a cashier that I let him off the hook to break the ice and I struck up the first conversation.

Before long though we were fast friends always taking our break together at work and sometimes meeting after work to spend some time together. When I joined the Navy I encouraged him also so we could go to boot camp together, but he decided to go Air Force instead. Traitor! :) I didn't succeed in becoming the New Navy's finest but he pulled through his training and went on to becoming a fine serviceman.

While he was in school we talked everyday. It was hard being away from him all the time but we managed. Always talking on the phone until the wee hours of the morning and e-mailing constantly. He came home every Christmas and vacation he could and our relationship grew to something more than friends.

While he was stationed in Denver Colorado, I visited and never left for we were married that week. August 22, 2007. We later realized that it was also his parents wedding anniversary so now we have something to celebrate with them every year.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010