Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Beginning

The afternoon that the clock struck twelve o' one, a loud cry of a newborn baby was heard at the Riverside Hospital in Newport News, Virginia. I was born after two older sisters to Kenneth and Wandah Rauscher in the winter of 1981. My father was in the Navy so each of my other sisters had also been born in military hospitals. Heather the oldest, being born in New Jersey in the same state as her father, and Leah the quiet middle child was born a Mainiac of Brunswick, Maine.

I was deemed my mother's helper at a very young age having a love of aiding her in her many endeavors. My family has always been a very devout baptist member of the local church. When my parents got divorced in 1987 My mother then went on to remarry a baptist minister by the name of David Clark to whom I will be eternally grateful for have put up with my many tantrums as a child.

We settled in a small rural town in Maine called Nobleboro where I started middle school down the street about a hundred feet. Nobleboro wasn't very big. It boasted only the local church, our house the parsonage, and the village store where my Dad got his morning paper.
In the fall of 1996 I started High school. Every young girl's dream of high school of at least mine, was to be the most popular kid in school. That didn't happen. My high school career was very stressful for me, for I was on of those girls who had a mind of her own and didn't go along with anyone. Being a devout conservative christian in a very public high school was not a good mix. But I got through it and joined the ranks of the collegiate in the year 2000.

My college days were so short that they are not even worth mentioning so I will not bore you with the details. But in the year 2004 a brilliant idea came to me. I should join the navy! yeah right. Not a good plan, I pulled a groin muscle and couldn't walk for six months. What was I thinking?! But never fear for if it had not been for that bright idea I would never have gotten to know the person who is now my one and forever, my husband Joshua.

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